Alta resistência a pressão e pulso e longa vida útil, a mangueira hidráulica espiral de fio de aço Letone atende totalmente às necessidades de usuários de mangueiras de ponta, como fabricantes de máquinas e equipamentos pesados. A mangueira hidráulica Letone é garantida para uso na construção, mineração, agricultura, petróleo & gás e outras indústrias com alto desempenho.

3/8" api bop control mangueiras

BOP Control Units – Cansco Well Control

Specifically engineered to assure reliable control of the BOP stack with adequate reserve for continuous operation under emergency conditions. BOP Control Units . 5 Function: Full API 16D Complaint, 12 x 11 gallon accumulator BOP control Unit, with 2 x 60:1 ratio air operated hydraulic pumps and electrical driven hydraulictriplex pump. 6/7 Function: Full API 16D Complaint, 20 x …

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• Manufactured to API 6A and available in nominal flange sizes of 11”, 13 5/8” and 21-1/4” in pressure ratings to 10,000 psi • Available with two lockscrews/full sets of lockscrews or without lockscrews • Optional bottom preparation including slip-on weld (SOW), Threaded bottom, or Slip Lock bottom preparation • PSL-1 to 3 certified • PR-1 and PR-2 certified • Available trims

API-16D | BOP-High temperature and flame resistant control

BOP hose, well control hose, is a kind of high pressure, refractory, insulated hose assely. API 16D is applied to hydraulic control of drilling blowout preventer and hydraulic transmission of high temperature flammable site in metallurgical industry. It can be without fail under the maximum working pressure under teh lowest 700℃ flame temperture tests.

Full Opening Safety Valve (short for FOSV)

Xi’an Chancemate with API 6A, 16A,16C certifie, is the best manufacturer of wellhead,Christmas tree assely, BOP, Hydraulic BOP control unit, casing head, tubing head, choke manifold, API 6A valve and swivel joints, hammer unions, adaptor and cross-ov


It can be left in the drill string as long as necessary to reestablish well control with over-balanced pressure. I-BOP valves are supplied with either API or with proprietary connections upon request. All I-BOP valves are manufactured to API 7-1 or NS1 latest edition. I-BOP valves are available in both standard or H2S resistant versions and supplied according to Class 1 construction. Main


Flexible hose for hydraulic systems of Blow Out Preventer control lines on drilling rigs Mineral oils, glycols and polyglycols, mineral oils in aqueos emulsion H11022019* 19 - 12 3/4" 26,9 1,06 32,3 1,27 207 3000 828 12000 180 7,09 1288 0,87 OPK-12 H11022025* 25 - 16 1" 34,1 1,34 40,1 1,58 207 3000 828 12000 230 9,06 1876 1,26 OPK-16

Annular Preventers - Well Control - Rig Worker

22/2/2022· 1.3.1 Annular Closing Times. API RP53 state that surface annular preventers closing times should not exceed 30 seconds for smaller than 18 3/4" and 45 seconds for 18 3/4" and larger. Subsea annular preveters should not exceed 60 seconds. 1.3.2 Shaffer Spherical BOP. Shaffer annular BOPs are rugged, compact and will seal on almost any shape or size- Kelly''s, …



EC556 blowout preventer hose system - Eaton

8/2/2019· STANDARD API 16D 2nd Ed.: Specifiion for Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment. RATINGS Sizes: EC556-12, EC556-16, EC556-20, EC556-24 Design pressure: 350 bar, [5100psi] Temperature range: -40 to +100°C, [-40 to +212°F] Fire tested (five minutes at 700°C /1300°F) in acc. with API 16D 10.1.2 Certifie …

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tubing hangers, tubing head adapters and many other equipment egories. Details of or API 6A compliant conventional equipment are available for use at your convenience. Conventional Wellhead Systems 9. Casing Heads 10. The casing head in a conventional wellhead system is the lowest part of the wellhead assely and is almost always connected to the surface casing …

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11" Single and Double RAM BOP; 13 5/8" Single and Double RAM BOP; BOP Hydraulic Control Systems; Wellhead Equipment. Tubing Heads & Spools ; Casing and Tubing Hanger Components; Tubing Head Adapter ; Studded Tees And Crosses; X-mas Tree Caps; Expanding Gate Valves; FC type Gate Valves; Pulsation Dampener. Pulsation Dampeners; Typical Appliions; …

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4.6 5.4 10.8 16.8 23.4 33 47.4 38LV 3ULV Product Specifiions – BOP Control Bundle Hoses r r r r r Part Nuer Nominal I.D. Max. Working Pressure at Aient Temp. Minimum Burst Pressure Weight Kg Lb Fitting mm in bar psi bar psi 100 m 100 ft Part Nuer 37LV-03 4.8 3/16 207 3,000 827 12,000 4.44 3.0 390E-03544-C05

2 3/8 Inch -7 Inch Ram Drilling BOP Ruber VBR Ram Packer

Feature: 1. It is applicable to existing well control BOP ordinary ram block,as long as the existing ordinary ram block is available it can be used to install the new utility model variable packer. 2. VBR packer can be applied to seal on various specifiions drill pipe within a certain range. For 3 1/2"-5"VBR packer, it can be installed on 5

30 CFR 250.737 - What are the BOP system testing - GovRegs

(1) Follow the testing requirements of API Standard 53 (as incorporated in § 250.198) If there is a conflict between API Standard 53, testing requirements and this section, you must follow the requirements of this section. (2) Use water to test a surface BOP system on the initial test. You may use drilling/completion/workover fluids to conduct

Software FMECA: A proposed approach applied to BOP control

applying this approach on BOP control systems. 3.1.Mapping the software to the system scope In this paper we will assume that the system boundaries have already been determinedso the next step would be to prepare the FMECA worksheet.In order to prepopulate the FMECA table with software components and functions, the system design information needs to be assessed: • …


All BOP equipment pressure tests are to be recorded on a chart and maintained by the testing subcontractor for 6 months. Use antifall protection devices. Do Not reuse old API ring gaskets. All bolts, wrenches, hammers and API rings are cleaned and in good condition. 0 1 1 2 3

15000PSI,18-3/4”Double Ram BOP, VARCO

bx-164, 304 ss for 3-1/16” 10-15,000 psi wp flange 3 nos. 10.stud & nut kits for 18-3/4”,15m wp flange-t-20 one lot for 3-1/8” 5000, 3-1/16 15000 or 4-16” 3000 psi wp flange one lot 11.blind flange api-6a,3-1/16” 15,000 psi wp 8 nos. 12ntrol manifold control manifold assely one 13.bop control unit make: national oilwell varco, norway, as type- nxt complete unit with …

Blow Out Preventers (BOPs) - P J Operating

• Carbon steel models available with welded flanges in API ed x Flanged or Flanged x Threaded (200 PF Model)Flang BOPs 200P Single Ram BOP Specifiions 150H 200P Sizes Available 2" 2-½" 3" LP 2" 2-½" 3" Vertical Bore 1.975" 2.560" 2.970" …

API 6A Tubing Head Spool

Xi’an Chancemate with API 6A, 16A,16C certifie, is the best manufacturer of wellhead,Christmas tree assely, BOP, Hydraulic BOP control unit, casing head, tubing head, choke manifold, API 6A valve and swivel joints, hammer unions, adaptor and cross-ov

BOP Control Hose / API 16D / Drilling Hose / Blowout

BOP control hoses feature in high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and fire resistance. Specified standard API 16D, blowout preventer hoses are ideally suited for high pressure hydraulic appliions for drilling well control equipments, and capable of containing the hose rated working pressure in a flame temperature of 1300°F (700°C) for a 5-minute period.

Hydraulic BOP Control Hose (Flameshield 5000)

Flameshield 5000 API 16D at 700oC for 5 mins. Flameshield 5000 is a hydraulic control hose that operates at 5,000psi whilst exposed directly to fire for a minimum of 5 minutes ensuring all well control operations can be effected in an emergency situation. Specifiions . Tube. Black Nitrile Rubber . Reinforcement. High Tensile Steel Wire Spirals . Cover. Red CR Rubber with Eedded …

Wireline Pressure Control | Frank Henry Canada

Stuffing Box. Standard lengths up to 10ft. Custom lengths available upon request. 2-3/8” to 9-5/8” OD. Dual Seal and Slimline. Pressure rating up to 10,000 lbs. All designs isolate the threads from exposure to well fluids. Slimline is available to 5000 psi working pressure with either a standard or H2S service rating.

Annular Type BOP – Cansco Well Control

The providing API 20E Bolting, Cansco guarantees that the products are manufactured and tested under the most extreme conditions. Cansco is able to provide (BSL) Bolting Specifiion Levels in the three-existing levels, which prove our commitment with technology and engineering excellence. Diverter Packages . A system used to control well blowouts encountered at …

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The Ram Type BOP (usually two or more, stacked onto the top of a wellhead) works as a valve to close off the well bore in case of unexpected downhole fluid returns. Closure of the well bore occurs by hydraulically forcing two closure elements called rams loed within cavities in the BOP body, outward from the cavities to meet in the middle of the bore of the BOP, and seal the …

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SXF 4-1/16'''' 10M 107.8 [2738] 150.4 [3820] 114.0 [2897] 153.4 [3897] 151.2 [3839] 191.3 [4859] 32.6 [828] 29.8 [757] 41.5 [1054] 17.5 [445] 20.9 [531] 3.2 [81] 11.3 [287] 5.3 [134] 15.1 [384] 4.0 [101] 15.1 [384] The 6012 Ram Type BOP is a rugged and powerful BOP capable of operating in a wide range of service conditions. Harsh chemical

13-5/8” Ram Bop - Single and Double Ram Bop - Camtop

Regarding on the 13-5/8″ 3000psi/5000psi /10000psi Ram Bop, we would like to introduce as follow: 13-5/8″” Ram Bop General Introduction: 1.1. 13-5/8″ Ram bop vailiable size. 13-5/8″ Ram BOP’s are available in single and double ram configurations with pressure ratings of 3000psi, 5,000 / 10,000 psi (21/ 34.5 / 69.0 MPa ). 1.2 . 13-5

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API 16D BOP control system. Quick View. API 16A single Ram Bop and double ram bop. Quick View. API 11B D grade Pony Rods Sucker Rod. Quick View. API 8C Oillfield Equipment Drill Pipe Kelly Spinners Type 6800. Quick View. API 8A CD Tubing Elevator. Quick View. API 8A 8C HYT YT MYT LYT HYC MYC YC modle slip type elevator. Quick View . API 7K WT Drill Slip Collar. Quick …

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FA21-6 3/8 10 1 25.4 3000 21.0 2.5 65 0.54 0.8 43 FA21-8 1/2 12.5 1.2 28.45 3000 21.0 3.5 90 0.64 0.95 43 FA21-12 3/4 19 1.37 34.8 3000 21.0 4.75 120 1.21 1.8 43 FA21-16 1 25 1.66 42.16 3000 21.0 6 150 1.66 2.47 43 PART NUER HOSE I.D. HOSE O.D. WORKING PRESSURE MINIMUM BEND RADIUS WEIGHT FITTING SERIES inch mm inch mm psi MPa inch mm inch mm

Blowout Preventers BOP Stack Components - Drilling Manual

23/12/2017· API Codes For BOP Stack Components. As we mentioned, blowout preventer stacks are rated to 2000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 psi. A preventer stack normally consists of an annular BOP preventer on top, followed by one or more (typically up to three) ram-type preventers (Fig.1). The inclusion of a full-bore drilling spool makes it possible to connect the kill and choke …

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OPEN 13.3 Gal 15.7 Gal 15.7 Gal 27.0 Gal 31.5 Gal 32.1 Gal 26.6 Gal CLOSE 13.3 Gal 16.8 Gal 16.7 Gal 27.3 Gal 31.8 Gal 33.7 Gal 27.9 Gal Max. Working Pressure 3,000 psi 3,000 psi 3,000 psi 3,000 psi 3,000 psi 3,000 psi 3,000 psi Boltless BOP Doors Oilwell Varco has eliminated the time consuming manual practice of using brute force to torque up